Post|Production Conference Keynote: The Role, Art and Craft of the A Camera Operator

Wed. October 18| 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM | FOCUS FWD Keynote Stage

The importance of creating engaging stories on all platforms has never been as important as it is currently, due to viewership sophistication and content competition between all studios, traditional and non-traditional. In this new era of cinematic expectation, the skill of the A camera operator is in high demand to insure the set is running efficiently shots have been blocked, and the DP can focus on lighting and look. Join this group of esteemed camera operators discussing how they run a set, their relationship with the DP, Director, and production, and helpful tips that can be applied to any size production.

Produced in partnership with Society of Camera Operators(SOC)

Program: Core Sessions - FOCUS FWD Keynote Stage

Key Topic: KEYNOTES, Live Productions (Case study), Production|Post

Registration Package: Core Package

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Sponsored by Society of Camera Operators


Fletcher, Thomas
Thomas Fletcher
Director of Marketing


Muhlstock, SOC, Jeff
Jeff Muhlstock, SOC
A-Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator, Cinematographer TNT/Dreamworks, IATSE Local 600
Society of Camera Operators (S.O.C.)
Thompson, SOC, David J
David J Thompson, SOC
"Silver Linings Playbook", "Hunger Games", "I am Legend"
Camera Operator, Society of Camera Operators